9: A Shot (or Two) in the Arm

An in-depth discussion with Evercore ISI analyst Umer Raffat on the coming COVID-19 vaccines, including trials, safety, distribution, and a possible timetable for normalcy. Umer heads Evercore ISI’s large-cap therapeutics research and was inducted in 2020 to the Institutional Investor’s All-America Research Team Hall of Fame.

Posted December 1, 2020


How impressive was it to get COVID-19 vaccines in less than a year? (2:58)

What has been sacrificed in the interest of time? (3:54)

Details on the various vaccine trials (4:33)

How long will the vaccines last? (7:40)

Should people hold off on the vaccine for safety concerns? (9:47)

Why are two shots needed? (10:35)

What are the side effects? (11:20)

Can a vaccinated person still transmit COVID-19? (11:59)

When will vaccinations begin? (14:54)

What potential stumbling blocks do the vaccines face? (16:00)

Has a game-changing approach to vaccines been developed? (16:45)

How long until we know how safe the vaccine is? (18:58)

What does distribution look like? (19:50)

What happens if you take only one of two shots? (21:11)

Who decides who gets the vaccine? (21:43)

What are the major concerns on the path to worldwide vaccinations? (22:46)

What do you say to anti-vaxxers? (23:35)

How long will we be social distancing? (25:15)

How will distribution ramp up? (26:00)

When will herd immunity kick in? (27:08)

What does the world look like beyond 2021? (28:29)

How will we look back at how the pandemic was handled? (29:08)

How should we prepare for the next pandemic? (29:40)

Speed Round (30:12)

  • Would you personally take the vaccine?
  • Should a vaccine be mandatory?
  • Would you recommend kids take the vaccine?
  • When will our country be back to business as usual?







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Senior Managing Director  
Pacific Asset Management

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