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August 2022
The Economy's Mixed Signals

Recession fears and volatility have rocked the markets, but it’s not all bad news.

July 2022
Historic Hiking

The Federal Reserve raised rates again by another historic amount in an aggressive attempt to bring down soaring inflation.

July 2022
Analyze This: The Energy Sector

From the quest for net-zero emissions to the war in Ukraine, analyst John Brueggemann discusses the impact of U.S. and world events on the energy sector.

July 2022
Flirting with Recession

The Fed’s mission to tame inflation has already battered fixed-income markets. ls a recession next?

July 2022
Should Investors Feel at Home with Housing?

Despite several headwinds, other signs indicate the housing sector may remain strong.

June 2022
Vexed by Volatility

It’s been a bumpy ride for the markets so far in 2022. Will the road smooth out soon?

June 2022
Floating Rate Update

Despite a poor performance in May, we view the floating-rate loan asset class—the shining star within corporate credit so far this year—as appealing, providing potential for price appreciation, as well as a compelling yield profile.

June 2022
Fighting the Inflation Fire

The Federal Reserve raised rates by the greatest amount in 28 years, in an effort to aggressively fight the flames of inflation, and expects the target fed funds rate to finish the year at 3.4%.

June 2022
The Case For Corporate Debt

Adding corporate debt to an investor’s portfolio may provide higher levels of income, capital appreciation and a hedge against rising interest rates.

May 2022
In Hiking Cycles, Why Consider Floating-Rate Loans?

Floating-rate loans may provide higher levels of income than other fixed-income asset classes, along with serving as a potential hedge against rising interest rates.

May 2022
Watching the Fed Like a Hawk

As the Fed gets more aggressive, what’s in store for rates and the economy?

April 2022
Inflation and Inversion

With inflation pushing the Fed to hike rates, is the bond market indicating a potentially hard landing?

April 2022
Inflation: Multi-Factor Problem May Require Multiple Solutions

Knocking down inflation may require a multi-pronged and painful approach.

March 2022
When Rates Rise, Consider Floating-Rate Loans

Here’s our case for floating-rate loans during a rate-hike cycle.

March 2022
A Wild Market Ride

Market volatility has been a constant this year. Should we be worried?

March 2022
The Economic Headwinds of War

Russia’s unprovoked war with Ukraine has already had wide-ranging impacts on the global economy. What’s an investor to do?

March 2022
After a Volatile Start, How Will 2022 Play Out?

Three asset managers discuss the delicate balance this year between inflation and rate hikes, plus other factors impacting the economy.

February 2022
Can the Fed Thread the Needle?

The Fed faces the task of tackling inflation as COVID wreaks havoc on supply chains, without disrupting the U.S. economy

February 2022
Fixed Income Opportunities to Consider in 2022

We posed four questions for Pacific Funds portfolio managers about today’s fixed-income markets. Here are their answers.

January 2022
The Fed's Balancing Act for 2022

The central bank will have to weigh economic growth against reducing inflation. Plus, there’s COVID.

January 2022
The Catch '22 for 2022

This year will likely be a push and pull between inflation, the Fed and COVID.

December 2021
2021 Summed Up in 10 Charts

When it came to the economy, 2021 made for a wild ride: broken supply chains, spiking inflation, plummeting unemployment, changes in the Fed’s stance, and, despite all this, an estimated GDP growth of 8.7%. Here are 10 charts that we believe best reflect the roller-coaster year.

December 2021
LIBOR to SOFR: A Long-Anticipated Transition

While much has been made of the cessation of LIBOR (London Inter-Bank Offered Rate) on Dec. 31, 2021, we believe any disruption by the switch to SOFR (Secured Overnight Financing Rate) as the new ARR (Alternative Reference Rate) will be limited.

December 2021
The Inflation Battle Begins

With the labor market continuing to improve and inflation spiking, Fed officials have moved up their timeline for reducing asset purchases and predict as many as three interest-rate hikes in 2022.

December 2021
Will Inflation Deflate The Economy?

Is rapidly rising inflation a bump in the economic road or a major detour to a full recovery?

November 2021
5 Reasons for Stubborn Inflation

Pandemic-related pressures have driven inflation higher—and for longer—than many predicted. Does that mean the Fed will back off its stance that today’s inflation is “expected to be transitory”?

November 2021
Supply Chain Reactions

Large supply-chain bottlenecks and labor shortages continue as demand grows. What does this mean for consumers and the economy?

November 2021
How Will the Year End?

That depends on several factors, including supply chains, COVID, and Big Tech regulation. But in the end, we believe value and small-cap stocks may come out winners.

October 2021

Consumers with record net worth are spending. Driving both real economic growth and inflation. What effects should we expect?

October 2021
Big Tech + Big Regulation = Opportunity?

As regulators set their sights on Big Tech, will large-cap value stocks emerge a winner?

September 2021
Signaling Ahead

With the economic recovery steady and inflation continuing to be elevated, Fed officials are still on track to raise interest rates in 2023, with tapering predicted by year’s end.

September 2021
Full Steam Ahead?

So far, the economic rebound has largely withstood the twin surges of the Delta variant and inflation. Will that continue?

September 2021
Analyze This: Food for Thought

The food-and-beverage sector has generally adjusted well during the pandemic, but important questions remain.

August 2021
Economic Delta

Will the aggressive COVID variant impact the economic rebound? Plus, market insights and more.

August 2021
Asia's Progress and Challenges (Semiconductors Part 2)

Asia produces 70% of the world’s microchips. What’s behind this massive market share and what may chip away at it?

August 2021
Will 2021's Strong First Half Continue?

2021’s first half gave us vaccinations, an economic rebound and rising inflation. What’s next?

August 2021
In Short Supply

Temporary supply-chain bottlenecks and labor storages may fuel transitory inflation, but what’s beyond that?

July 2021
Semiconductors - Part 1 (U.S. Initiatives)

How will the U.S. address the challenges of semiconductor chip shortages that have hampered production for various industries?

June 2021
Analyze This: Housing

Blueprint for red-hot sector: Low interest rates, low supply

June 2021
Taking an Early Hike?

With the economy recovering and inflation on the rise, Fed officials now expect to raise interest rates in 2023, a year earlier than previously predicted.

June 2021
Inflated Concerns

With the consumer bump still ahead, is there too much money chasing too few goods?

June 2021
Bank Loans: What We Look For and What We Avoid

Floating-rate loans have attracted increased investor attention given the search for income amid an uncertain interest-rate environment.

June 2021
Analyze This: Airlines

Air travel takes flight again thanks to COVID Vaccines

June 2021
How Strong Are the Economic Tailwinds?

What’s in store for the economy and credit with a rebounding economy and pent-up demand?

May 2021
Has India Learned From Its Mistakes?

After some economic stumbles, India has corrected course and may be poised for explosive growth…once it stomps out the pandemic wildfire.

April 2021
Adapt and Overcome

The U.S. economy has rebounded thanks to stimulus packages, better supply chains, pent-up demand, and other factors. Is China the next challenge?

April 2021
Analyze This

Insights into how five Covid-19-impacted sectors are performing more than one year into the pandemic—and what the future may hold.

March 2021
Faster Recovery?

Federal Reserve officials now expect a faster economic recovery than previously predicted with revised estimates of 54% more GDP growth in 2021.

February 2021
The Case for Economic Optimism in '21

COVID vaccines and unleashed demand may provide tailwinds, but the year is not without risks.

November 2020
The Closing of Two Fed Credit Facilities

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin recently announced that several Federal Reserve (Fed) lending programs won’t be extended beyond year’s end.

November 2020
Should Big Tech Be Feeling Blue?

The blue shift in the White House may signal added trouble for Big Tech companies.

October 2020
Ready to Declare a v-Shaped Recovery?

With the economy slowing in September, the battle for a quick rebound may be far from over.

October 2020
Analyze This

Insights into how five COVID-19-impacted sectors are performing—and what the future may hold.

September 2020
Promoting Retirement Readiness

How the Pacific Funds Portfolio Optimization Funds offer long-term turnkey investment strategies.

August 2020
The Comeback Kid?

Why there’s still value in a value allocation.

July 2020
Bridging to '21

Perspectives on the most recent Federal Open Market Committee meeting.

July 2020
Uncharted Waters

In recent months, investment-grade debt has experienced a ferocious rally. What’s next?

November 2019
The Case for SMID

Over the past 40 years, small- to mid-cap (SMID-cap) stocks have outperformed small- and large-cap equities in both bull and bear markets.

October 2019
A Tale of Two Markets

Divergence in today’s high yield market can be challenging, but also provides opportunity.

August 2019
Thinking Small

Tina Jones from Rothschild & Co Asset Management US Inc., the subadvisor for the Pacific Funds U.S. equity funds, gives her views on the impact of tariffs on domestic small-cap stocks and what the future may hold.

June 2019
BBB Bubble?

Portfolio Managers David Weismiller and Ying Qiu share insights into what’s happening in the BBB space and the impact to investors.

November 2018
Pacific Funds Strategic Income Portfolio Manager Q&A

Pacific Funds Strategic Income Portfolio Manager Brian Robertson discusses the flexibility of Pacific Funds Strategic Income and what sets the investment process apart from peers.

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