Getting Credit Podcast
September 9, 2020
A deep dive into Tesla, plus the art of credit research.

Hosted by

Dominic Nolan, CFA
Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Asset Management


Insights on financial markets, corporate credit and timely topics.

Guest Bob Boyd, managing director, head of Credit Research and a portfolio manager at Pacific Asset Management, explains the intrigue of Tesla and how credit research is both a science and art.

Time Stamps

  • The science and art of credit (2:41)
  • Advice for young credit analysts (7:36)
  • What makes Tesla so interesting (11:21)
  • What a tour of the Tesla factory revealed (16:47)
  • Do electric car companies have a proven business model? (24:50)
  • Zero dollars spent on advertising compare to billions (28:23)
  • What Tesla gets wrong (31:22)
  • What the future may hold (40:16)

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